Musical Tour of the Town


“… from the twangy rhythms of a jazz band to the thrilling, deep throated full notes of a pipe organ — played and reproduced to the highest standards of quality and fidelity — Podium Presence Fidelity…”  

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Stereophonic 2 channel, 7 1/2″ips, recording.

• A visit to a small dinner club, where we hear the orchestra feature the piano and harp playing Shangri-la !
• Now to a barn dance, where we join the crowd dancing the ‘Naughty Boy polka.
• Dixieland at its best, from the home of Midwestern jazz, the Downbeat Club
• In the quiet of a downtown church we pause to listen to the organist practicing for Sunday services.
• Symphony Hall where we hear Mozart’s The Magic Flute Overture