A Love of Music Through The Ages

The joy of experiencing music the way it was intended… at the quality possible during its era… our mission is the ‘Love of Music’.

Imagine the love of music as you listen to:
• Enrico Caruso’s 1905 performance of “O SOLE MIO” on one of those 1/4 inch thick shellac records… recorded and playing just a little faster than the later typical 78 rpm… that cost its purchasers the outrageous amount of $5, in those days.
• It’s “A Long Way to Tipperary”, sung by Stanley Kirkby just after World War I… on a Columbia record, that cost only 65 cents.
• Cole Porters “Why Can’t You Behave” being sung by the early Frank Sinatra with the Phil Moore Four on a mass produced 78, in the 1950’s.
• Lincoln Mayorga, Amanda McBroom or Dave Crusin on a Limited Edition of a Sheffield Lab Direct Disc Recording from the 1970’s.

Snapshot In Time, Experienced and Enjoyed, Exactly as Those Did Then.

Attention to Detail - Edison Records